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Unity Candles at Together Forever

Sharing Your Light and Love

A special Unity Candle portion of the ceremony, consisting of two taper candles and one pillar candle, is available for all couples

The two taper candles are lit at the beginning of the wedding service. When the vows and ring portion of the wedding are completed, the minister invites attention to these three candles. He talks about the fact that the bride and groom are important as individuals, just as their two lighted candles represent.

The bride and groom take the taper candle and light the pillar candle. They are then asked to return these taper candles to the holder, still lit, to indicate they will respect each other for their individuality and not "snuff" out the "light" of the other in their new commitment.

At the end of the ceremony, the three candles remain burning.

(Include your children in the unity candle service for $5 per candle!)

The bride and groom take these candles home and enjoy relighting them on anniversaries or special occasions.

The cost to add the Unity Candle segment to your ceremony is $40.00.

Unity Bottle for Beach Weddings

In the place of the Unity Candle, which we use in the chapel, we have created a Unity Bottle ceremony for the beach. The unity bottle concept is similar except we use glass bottles. Two are filled with sand. A third is used to represent your marriage. This bottle will have your names and wedding date written on it. Read more about the Unity Bottle

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