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Questions that Together Forever Hopes You Will Ask

Before Booking Your Wedding Anywhere,
Consider These Questions:

1. When and where do you meet just before your beach wedding?  Together Forever asks that you, your wedding party and your guests meet us around 15 minutes before the start time of your wedding or vow renewal at one of the locations we like to use in North Myrtle Beach. When using one of our preferred locations, we monitor what is best for your group based on parking availability and room on the beach.   Meeting you where you are staying or at a chosen location in our area is also a workable plan.

2. What is your given time frame from start to finish?  It is common for companies to only receive wedding guests five or ten minutes before your wedding, and expect the whole wedding experience, including pictures, to last only 30 to 45 minutes.  There also could be a charge if you request additional time beyond the given amount. At Together Forever, our shortest time frame for your wedding experience is 1 and 1/2 hours.  That’s the gathering before the ceremony then you have an hour for the ceremony and photography. Our larger packages have even more time!

3. How large is the photo package?  Together Forever nearly doubles or triples what other wedding companies offer. Photography equals time, and we spend time with you to capture those special moments.

4. Who will be taking the wedding pictures, and what kind of photography equipment will be used?  What you will often find is that “photo package” means the officiant plans to take a few pictures after your wedding.  At Together Forever, “photo package” means you have one of our experienced staff photographers taking plenty of pictures both during and after your wedding. As far as equipment, many companies in our area use an average point and shoot style camera for your wedding.  Together Forever uses only top quality DSLR Nikon cameras and Sony video products offering you a noticeable difference in the quality of your photos and your add-on video.

5. How and when are photos and videos received?  You don’t pay Together Forever per picture, or per print, online or elsewhere.  You don’t even have to wait weeks after your wedding to receive them.  The CD and add-on DVD of your wedding are available shortly after your wedding, at no extra charge.

6. What music is available?  Together Forever offers you freedom and quality. You have the option to rent our production-quality portable sound system where you select your playlist and we’ll do the rest!

7. What is the quality of the rentals for a beach wedding?  Some companies use fellowship hall style chairs and a lawn & garden type arch. Together Forever offers clean, well maintained white resin chairs that are safe and of high quality, and a large wooden arch, made by a furniture craftsman. During setup, the arch is anchored securely in the sand for beauty and for peace of mind.  Simple is better on the beach, but if you wish to decorate, that is possible.  Our staff will help with any of your thoughts or ideas.

8. What is the rain or the bad weather plan? At Together Forever, we just simply book our ceremonies so there is ample time to work with the weather.  This means we can set-up a little early to avoid problems, or incorporate a rain delay.  In very, very rare occasions, postponing till the next day is needed. Last year that never happened!  If you must have a back up venue, we are happy to share some options that work well.

9. Who will perform the ceremony and what are their actual qualifications (will you be "legally" married by someone who has taken 5 -10 minutes to downloaded his or her "ordination" from a website)?  Family owned since 1995, our Together Forever staff, includes ordained experienced ministers, photographers, and planners who are accessible to you!  We are here for you, and we make planning your wedding simple and efficient.

Call us (843-361-0104).  We would love to hear from you.  We will be happy to set up an appointment whenever it is convenient for you.

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